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    Kaohsiung Summer Fun: Take the Shuttle 56 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle for a Parent-child Tour During the Cooling Summer Print
    • Publishing Date:2023-08-21~2023-10-21
    • Update Time:2023-08-11 16:30
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    • Publishing Unit:高雄市政府資訊中心


    【Kaohsiung News】Finally, the long-awaited summer vacation has arrived! The Kaohsiung City Government Transportation Bureau has meticulously planned a series of “Shuttle Travel During the Cool Summer” itinerary series in conjunction with summer vacation activities at the Shoushan Zoo. The Shuttle 56 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and the combined route 60 Jyuemin Main Line (National Science and Technology Station) have been launched this time. Welcome to take the bus to visit the Shoushan Zoo and the National Science and Technology Museum with your children for an educational parent-child tour.
        According to Chang Shu-Chuan, Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, Shuttle 56 is a representative route for Kaohsiung City as it stops at Shoushan Zoo, Kaohsiung Train Station, Yanchengpu Metro Station, Wenwu Temple (LRT), and other major stations. This year, the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle route had received upgraded preferential offers and services. In addition to a 50% discount for using electronic tickets and mobile payment, voice guided tours and station introduction broadcasts have been added. Parents may use the Shuttle 56 and 60 Jyuemin Main Line (National Science and Technology Station) during the summer vacation. You can complete a convenient and added-value parent-child tour thanks to free admission for children under 12 and the 30% off National Science and Technology Museum admission tickets.
        In addition, the Transportation Bureau held a “ride the bus to receive a surprise gift in a flash” event (while supplies lasted) at the Shoushan Zoo Bus Station on July 29 and 30 at 10:00 a.m., with the general public being invited to participate. Out-of-town visitors were recommended to take Shuttle 56 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle from Kaohsiung Train Station to reach the Shoushan Zoo directly. Inside the zoo, they saw capybaras, meerkats, alpacas, and other lovely animals and by the afternoon take the Yanchengpu Metro Station (Daren Road) and changed to the 60 Jyuemin Main Line bus to arrive at the National Science and Technology Museum. Once there, they took take part in the “Start small with a science summer camp and work your way up to the big ideas” and the “Little Animal Explorers” activities launched for the summer vacation period, both of which were created for the one-day electrifying family intellectual outing.
        Kaohsiung’s NT$399 TPASS Commuter Monthly Pass and MeNGo’s hour tickets (24 or 48 hour validity) can be used together to create a flexible 2-day itinerary, as suggested by Director-General Chang Shu-Chuan. Day one could begin with a ride on Shuttle 56 to the zoo, followed by rides on the MRT or Light Rail to Sizihwan and the Pier-2 Art Center, or a ride on a YouBike to take in the sights of Kaohsiung Port. For a two-day biology, science, and art tour, hop on the 60 Jyuemin Main Line bus on the second day.
        According to the Transportation Bureau, the “Shuttle Travel During the Cool Summer” activity series began on July 25 and will end on August 31. Travelers who post on Transportation Bureau’s Facebook with the hashtags “I love riding the Shuttle 56 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle/I love riding the 60 Jyuemin Main Line” and tag a friend during the activity period will be eligible for a 2-week draw with prizes including a NT$200 gift vouchers, mugs, and other prizes. In addition, from July 25 to October 31, riders of the Shuttle 56 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle or the 60 Jyuemin Main Line bus who post and upload a message on Facebook will be eligible for a monthly drawing whose prizes include a Kaohsiung TPASS NT$399 Commuter Monthly Pass from the Executive Yuan, fashionable USBs, and other prizes. Visit the Transportation Bureau’s Facebook page “tbkcdeream-Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government,” the MeNGo APP, the official website (, or the Transportation Bureau’s official website ( for activity-related information and TPASS monthly pass sales channels.

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