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    Tourism Bureau Launches Smart Tourism with KKday Complete the Last Mile with UrDa Motorcycle Sharing Print
    • Publishing Date:2020-10-13~2020-11-30
    • Update Time:2020-10-05 17:20
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Governmen

    The 2020 Kaohsiung Smart Travel was officially launched on August 6th. Mr. Chen Horng-Yih, the Secretary-General of Kaohsiung City Government, said that for visitors to enjoy smart travel, the Tourism Bureau has gone above and beyond by establishing the Kaohsiung Smart Travel page. This was accomplished by setting up Wifi along the Asia New Bay Area LRT route and at KW2, as well as integrating resources from various vendors, such as the OTA platform of KKday. Visitors can purchase tourist passes, such as the LRT pass and Lotus Pond Fun Pass online, and opt for UrDa Motorcycle Sharing for the last mile, thereby connecting different modes of transportation, such as MRT, ferry, and LRT for a seamless journey. It even integrates functions such as LinePay, smart information station, the guide for Shoushan Zoo, Jinshi Lake, and other attractions. Visitors can travel around Kaohsiung with just their smartphone, which will meet all their travel needs.
    Mr. Chiu, Chun-Lung, the acting director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government said that the Tourism Bureau has been actively integrating various resources, such as KKday, UrDa Motorcycle Sharing, THSR, KW2, iPass and information station. The Bureau set up digitalized tourist services at key attractions, such as Asia New Bay Area and Zuoying Lotus Pond, and established the “Kaohsiung Smart Travel page” with KKday to enable visitors to easily obtain travel-related products and itineraries. The page would be actively promoting the “2-day LRT Fun Pass” and “Lotus Pond Fun Pass” as examples of cardless products. For these two passes, a virtual pass would be issued, enabling visitors to add various quality travel-related products in Kaohsiung whenever they want. This turns the “iPass” into “iDevice, one device for all”.
    In addition, the Tourism Bureau collaborated with the local motorcycle sharing company UrDa for the first time and set up rental stations at attractions, such as Xizi Bay, Hamasing, 7-Eleven’s “Spring & Autumn Pavilion” branch at Lotus Pond, Joy Well Cakes Store, Children’s Park and Formosa Boulevard MRT station. There are already more than 20 rental stations in Kaohsiung, and it has been planned to incorporate the MRT service for traveling the Greater Fengshan region in the next phase. In collaboration with the KKday Kaohsiung Smart Travel page, UrDa is providing the 30-minute complementary riding experience for those who purchase the “2-day LRT Fun Pass” (500 slots) and “Lotus Pond Fun Pass” (100 slots). The complimentary voucher can be exchanged at the service center of the THSR Zuoying Station.
    Mr. Chiu, Chun-Lung, the acting director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government pointed out that visitors can visit the 7 newly renovated information station 2.0 and scan the QR code to obtain itineraries to travel around Kaohsiung and log into Kaohsiung Smart Travel page to purchase products. There is also LINE@ that provides personalized travel inquiry services. In addition, there are guides at attractions such as Shoushan Zoo, Jinshi Lake, and Niaosong Wetland in the form of QR Code, creating the Kaohsiung Smart Travel Region. This provides the three “guiding” smart travel services: tour guide, guided tour, and shopping guide, enabling the public to travel the Greater Kaohsiung region freely and easily with just their smart device.
    Mr. Chiu, Chun-Lung, the acting director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government said that this year is the start of smart travel with digital planning and hardware construction. Starting with the establishment of Wifi service, various services, such as the OTA platform of KKday and UrDa Motorcycle Sharing, were linked to create the Kaohsiung Smart Travel page. This will be followed by big data analysis to understand the age groups, travel preferences, purchase channel, purchased products, and consumption methods of visitors. In the future, the Bureau will continue to work on services, such as tourism IOT, real-life audio guides and will optimize various travel-related products to provide visitors with better quality and more convenient smart travel service.

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