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    2019 Model Bus Driver Voting Campaign Kicks Off! Lucky Draw Prizes Include Wang Steak’s Double Premium Meal Vouchers Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-10-04~2019-12-08
    • Update Time:2019-09-23 11:08
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    【Kaohsiung News】To encourage the interaction between passengers and the city bus drivers, and to acknowledge devoted bus drivers offering enthusiastic services, the 2019 model bus driver voting campaign is launched. The Transportation Bureau asks the public to rate the bus drivers through the "Kaohsiung iBus App" when taking buses in acknowledgement of their services. By doing so, the public not only express their appreciation for the services, but also have a chance to win a Wang Steak’s double premium meal voucher.

    Director-General of Transportation Bureau Yung-Hsiang Cheng stated that to improve the quality of the bus services, presently a total of 117 green-energy electric buses have been in service and metro bus routes have been increased to 20. The Bureau hopes to provide convenient, eco-friendly, and safe public transportation services to the public with a more extensive bus network. In addition, to encourage bus drivers to provide more attentive and considerate services, from now until December 8, a model bus driver voting campaign is held which includes such activities as "Lucky Draw for Commenting on Model Bus Drivers through App" and "Model Bus Drivers Commendation".

    To take part in the activity of "Lucky Draw for Commenting on Model Bus Drivers through App" which is taking place from now until December 8, passengers may vote via the Transportation Bureau’s "Kaohsiung iBus APP" by inquiring about the current bus trip information, clicking on the bus icon on the left side of the route number taken, filling in personal information, card type, card number, service star rating, and submitting the vote. A maximum of two votes per day can be casted. Passengers then have a chance to win one of the 20 prizes including Wang Steak’s double premium meal vouchers. With the consideration of elderly passengers who are a main bus rider group but less accustomed to using the Internet, the Transportation Bureau specially prepares a paper questionnaire for them to fill in the name of the bus driver who has provided them with excellent bus services at Evergreen Senior Citizens Centre, Fongshan and Wujia Senior Citizens Activity Centers. All participants stand a chance to win the prizes.

    The Transportation Bureau noted that many inspiring stories of how warm-hearted bus drivers serve their passengers have been heard from various channels. It is hoped the campaign will give bus drivers the most straightforward encouragement and honor through passengers’ votes. The top 17 bus drivers who receive the highest number of votes will be awarded a certificate of model bus driver issued by the Transportation Bureau and a NT$5,000 gift certificate. Another 50 model drivers will also receive a certificate of appreciation and a NT$500 gift certificate. Hopefully, the campaign will entice the bus industry and bus drivers to commit themselves to providing more attentive and considerate services to passengers, and thus improving the quality of bus services in Kaohsiung City. For more information about the campaign, please visit the Transportation Bureau's official website (, Facebook page “@tbkcdream” or call 07-2299807 for inquiry.