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Art & Culture

    Taiwanese shadow-puppet theater

    Taiwanese shadow-puppet theater

    Cinema is one of the creative industries that Kaohsiung has been working hard to promote in recent years. The Kaohsiung Film Archive is the most important motion picture archive in southern Taiwan, with a collection that encompasses over 4,000 early film posters, photographs, and handwritten screenplays, as well as 5,743 movies, open to the public to view free of charge. The Kaohsiung City Government actively encourages the production of high-quality motion pictures in the city. In addition to financial subsidies and incentive measures, it provides comprehensive information, organizational support and infrastructure to assist production teams in finding locations and shooting in Kaohsiung. It even helped to make available an old warehouse that was transformed into Asia’s only “aircraft film studio.” This is a film-friendly city.
    Data source: Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government