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    Embrace the Creative Expo Taiwan. Unveiled the Improvement of the 90 years old Red Brick House, some 30 events and more than 30 items of exotic local products available to you. Online reservation starts on 8/1!

    Pier Kaohsiung‧Red Brick House 07.26

    Embrace the Creative Expo Taiwan. Unveiled the Improvement of the 90 years old Red Brick House. Some 30 events and more than 30 items of exotic local products available to you. Online reservation starts on 8/1!

    Guided by food design guru in the event. A new wave of product design gives a new look of the essence of history of the port city!

    Kaohsiung City launched the “” series of exhibitions to embrace the “2022 Creative Expo Taiwan” and the “2022 Taiwan Design Expo in Kaohsiung” running from August to October. The series of events started from the Kaohsiung Port Exhibition 90 years ago, and the “Hamasen,” the symbol of modernization of Kaohsiung. Creative design will refresh the memory of the old times at the Hall of Patriotic Women, Red Brick House, North Tower, North Gate, Hamasen Trader Building, and Kaohsiung Museum of History. The first wave of exhibition was kicked off from the special exhibition [Combat the Sun with Frozen Treats Design and Exhibition] from Hamasen Trader Building, followed by the opening of the 90 years old “Red Brick House” to the public for the first time on the 27th to highlight the history of the port city characterized by the theme [Pier Kaohsiung·Red Brick House] Through “local product design.” The design consolidates the specific features of the products from the mountain, sea, and flatland of Kaohsiung with exotic taste to share with the public. The public may register with the Kaohsiung Coin platform to join the event while vacancies last!

    As a matter of policy, Kaohsiung City Government pays close attention to the youth through the assistance to refine the packing of local produce to “allow the local districts link to design which in turn respond to the issues,” according to Kaohsiung Mayor Chi-Mai Chen. Design helps to enrich the value of local lives. This is particularly the case in the post-pandemic era. Design can perpetuate local charms and power and turn into a carrier of local voices to the outside world. Young designers are introduced to the village through the Creative Expo Taiwan and the [Pier Kaohsiung‧Red Brick House] exhibition where joint effort in design for extracting the culture of local industries and the essence of creativity. This reveals the plentiful resources of Kaohsiung and the capacity in design and culture. All are invited to witness the new wave of design on the products of Kaohsiung at the Red Brick House!


    Deputy Mayor Tzer Shih, the unseen hand behind the preservation of the Red Brick House, mentioned that practices in diversified means and agility will be essential for the preservation of cultural assets, which in turn helps to make the revitalization of the asset for regeneration possible. This is the first time that the public sector purchased a cultural asset through auction. The Bureau of Cultural Affairs exercised its prerogative in the purchase of the Red Brick House in court auction under the Cultural Asset Preservation Act to show the determination of the city government on the preservation of cultural assets! The effort made by the government aims at sharing the view of the street and the building witnessing the course of history of Kaohsiung. The “Red Brick House” has been repaired and recovered, and opened to the public in this particular occasion of the 2022 Creative Expo Taiwan. All are invited to unveil the box to witness the history of development of Hamasen.

    The [Pier Kaohsiung·Red Brick House] is the reenactment of the daily lives of ordinary people of Taiwan during the Showa period of Japanese Rule. This is not only an exhibition for the design of local products but also a bazaar, according to Director Wen-Chui Wang of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs. More than 300 products with local features from the mountain, sea, and flatland of Kaohsiung are available for sale to the visitors, which really is “encompassing the mountain and the sea.” Deep-fried milkfish and oysters from Yungan, mullet roe, Qishan banana vinegar, Liugui mountain tea, Maolin djulis, and Namasa plum marmalade. In addition, there are some 30 items with expiration date for freshness preservation, including the snack gift box and limited edition of taste of your choice ice cream developed by Chef Chou Chiang, a new generation food designer from Kaohsiung. There are also 30 events of tasting with the gurus in the field of design giving keynote speeches. Design Surfing was invited to talk about design of Japan and Taiwan, Jinye Taiwan Roadside Banquets Culture Studio to cater creative high tea, the demonstration of desert by stylish chef Chou Chiang, Indian Chef Dileep Kumar spices classroom, tea party, fruit wine, bamboo knitting skill, handwriting paper, fermented bean curd, mullet roe, hand-brew coffee and other DIY activities. Musical producer Min-You Hsieh will hold a mini concert of relaxing music to bring the event to climax!

    Once you are in the Red Brick House, you can enjoy the exhibition of the design of products and buy the souvenirs from all places of Kaohsiung, participate in DIY, and taste the local foods of Kaohsiung, said the Bureau of Cultural Affairs. One can get as many items as possible here. Vacancy is limited in each event of the exhibition. Those who are interested in the exhibition must act fast to register. The registration for reservation of limited supply items and activities for participation started on August 1 at the official website of “” in the section of “Kaohsiung Coin.” Visitors can register through this platform to purchase limited supply items and participate in the activities held during the Creative Expo Taiwan exhibition period. The public just need to use a mobile phone with a LINE ID to acquire Kaohsiung Coin through value storage in a variety of means. After value storage, Kaohsiung City Government will give a 20% rebate. All are welcome to register for reservation of limited offer products and participation in the activities offered by the [Pier Kaohsiung·Red Brick House] in the exhibition period! For additional information, visit the official website of

    ►Supplementary Information:

    Red Brick House

    Red Brick House in Shinhama District 1-chome was one of the few old buildings of Hamasen during the time of Showa left behind. This was built by the Yang Family in 1933. Tien-Sung Yang, a member of the Yang Family, founded Nanbu Seika Co., Ltd and Kyowa Transport Services, and is known as “A Winner of fruit in the south.” The exterior wall was built with red brick; the arc parapet is highlighted with the morning sun rays, which has been recovered to show the distinctive feature of the building as was in the Showa time. This is an attraction to the public. This Red Brick House was a private property owned by the Kaohsiung Disaster Rescue and Aid Foundation during Japanese Rule, and was taken over by the city government in the post-war period. The owner of this building was in serious indebtedness for long time then, and would have to tear down the building and return the land if lost in the lawsuit and subject to court auction. The Bureau of Cultural Affairs at Kaohsiung City Government worried about the demolition of the building after the auction, which will affect the landscape of the historic sight of Hamasen. In 2015, the bureau exercised its prerogative under the Cultural Asset Preservation Act to purchase this property. The ownership of this property was then successfully transferred in 2016 and it was registered as a historic building. Recovery of the building started in 2020 and was completed in about 2 years.

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