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    Introduction of Hongmaogang Cultural Park
    Hong Mao Gang Cultural Park is located at the entrance of the Port of Kaohsiung's Second Harbor. The Park was developed through the integration of resources around the existing Gaozi Tower and covers a total area of 3.42 hectares. With their joint efforts, the Kaohsiung Bureau of Cultural Affairs and the Hong Mao Gang Culture Association planned six areas for the Park: the Gaozi Tower Revolving Restaurant, the Exhibition Hall, the Outdoor Exhibition Area, the Sky Walk, the Pier and Waiting Room, and the Ocean Front Platform. The construction of the Park was completed by Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit. With the community images of Hong Mao Gang and innovative exhibitions, the Park aims to present Hong Mao Gang's five major cultural properties which have been passed down through the generations: lagoons, shrimp farming, black mullet fishing and draggers, neighborhood temples, and sailing rafts. Though Hong Mao Gang community has disappeared and is now only part of Kaohsiung's history, the establishment of this Park ensures the lifestyle and spirit of its people will last forever in people's minds.

    In 2007 Hong Mao Gang Village was relocated and the original site became the Port of Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal. Using a small lot of land reserved for the Hong Mao Gang Cultural Park, we apply image display and an innovative approach to present the 400-year history of Hong Mao Gang community and witness the Port of Kaohsiung's 100 years of development.

    Yacht Tour around the Port – The tour route passes through the Pier 2 Art Center and the Hong Mao Gang Cultural Park, allowing visitors to enjoy the view of this newly developed bay area in Asia. (the Xiaogang Line will be open first for service during the trial run.) Revolving Restaurant – The revolving restaurant will give you a 360-degree view of the big ships entering the port and sunset. (Revolving restaurant will not open for service during the trail run.)

    Architecture Tour – Architectural components of the Hong Mao Gang community are put on display as relics to allow visitors a peek into Taiwan's architectural history.

    Professional Guide Service – Our professional tour guides will take you to explore the 400-year history of the Hong Mao Gang community and the development of the Port of Kaohsiung.

    Interactive Experience – Creatively themed exhibitions with audio/visual effects and interactive digital simulations recreate our ancestors' life by the sea.
    Hongmaogang Cultural Park

    Hongmaogang Cultural Park

    Hongmaogang Cultural Park

    Hongmaogang Cultural Park

    Data source: Kaohsiung City Hongmaogang Cultural Park