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    * Hiking


    HikingMost of Kaohsiung city is mountains. The towering mountains with green forests are nature's invaluable assets and also hikers' optimal destinations.

    Thrill-seeking, seasoned mountain-climbers can try conquering high-elevation mountains—Mount Kuhanuosin, Mount Taguan, and Mount Guanshanling—near the section of the Southern Cross-island Highway in Taoyuan Township 

    Most trails of moderate difficulty are in Liouguei Township, including Mount Meilong, Mount Meilun and Mount Wugong, with an average elevation of 1000 meters. It takes a fast hiker a day to follow through the trail. 

    If you are simply up for sightseeing, you may consider taking the Siaogangshang Trail in Gangshan Township, Guanyinshan Barefoot Trail in Dashe Township, or Jiguanshan Trail in Yenchao Township. You only need two hours or so to finish any of the above trails. These hills have an elevation of 100 to 200 meters, and are perfect for visits around the year. The trails are for hiking beginners.