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    bicyclingKaohsiung city has organized several bicycling routes where you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also find bicycle-renting shops and service stations along the route. Every route has its own unique scenery and points of interest. For instance, on the route on Dashu Hill , you will pass the industrial road and pineapple fields; while riding on the route of Yanchao Moon World, you will seem to enter another world with its strange landscape; and on the route in Highland 308, you will enjoy the landscape of Caoshan Moon World.

    Meinong and Cishan are full of small-town atmosphere. Especially in Meinong Town, seven new cycling routes were made available recently, and include themes such as the waterfront, literature, relics, etc. The theme of the routes in Fengshan and Ciaotou, on the other hand, are more humanistic, with ancient buildings and historical relics.