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    New Traffic Safety Measures: No Motorcycles and Bicycles Are Allowed on Zuoying Viaduct Starting on March 7 Print
    • Publishing Date:2020-04-24~2020-05-31
    • Update Time:2020-04-13 09:54
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Governmen

    【Kaohsiung News】The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government stated that the situation in which cars and motorcycles/bicycles running in parallel lanes on Zuoying viaduct poses obvious danger; therefore, starting on March 7, 2020, traffic measures of banning motorcycles/bicycles on Zuoying viaduct will be implemented as the underpass is removed. Starting on March 7, motorcyclists traveling between Jhonghua 1st Rd. and Cueihua Rd. are not allowed on Zuoying viaduct; they should take the regular road to avoid the danger of rounding the sharp curve on the viaduct and to prevent accidents caused by mixed traffic flow. 

    Before Zuoying underpass is removed, cars and motorcycles must take Zuoying viaduct to travel between Jhonghua 1st Rd. and Cueihua Rd. The nearly 90-degree sharp turn, coupled with mixed traffic of cars and motorcycles, poses great danger where traffic accidents happen from time to time.

    During an inspection on the road section on February 24, Cheng Yung-Hsiang, Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, pointed out that in response to Kaohsiung railway underground project, Zuoying underpass removal was completed and was opened to traffic in May last year. The road between Jhonghua 1st Rd. and Cueihua Rd. was restored. However, the design of the Zuoying viaduct which includes a curve of nearly 90 degrees is dangerous to motorcycle riders. The Bureau has repeatedly received reports from the public of driving disputes between cars and motorcycles. Based on the assessment of the Transportation Bureau, the measures of lane splitting for cars and motorcycles will be implemented.

    Cheng Yung-Hsiang stated that starting on March 7, motorcycles that travel between Jhonghua 1st Rd. and Cueihua Rd. must take the regular road. According to the accident statistics, the annual number of accidents on Zuoying viaduct was 6-7. As the measures of lane splitting for cars and motorcycles will be implemented, it can effectively reduce the risk of accidents. Also, direct left turn is systematized for motorcycles from Cueihua Rd. that are travelling south to Jhonghua 1st Rd. With the adjustment of signal timing of nearby intersections, the motorcycle travelling efficiency will not be affected. The Bureau calls on road users to follow the on-site traffic signals and signs attentively to ensure their safety when passing this road section.

    (Office in Charge: Chief of Traffic Engineering Section Hong Jia-Heng, 0965-060-257)