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Kaohsiung CityGovernment

Popular investment points

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      Computer Mall  

    * Introduction

      If you want to get computer products in Taipei,
    go to Kuanghua Market. In Kaohsiung, however, the best place to go is the Second Road - a street full of professional 3 C stores.
    Whatever after walking out of Kaohsiung Train Station, turn left on Chienkuo Road and keep going for no more than ten minutes, and then you will see about 30 stores selling computer products and communication/electronic equipment along both sides of the road. On JianGuo Second Road, you can find all kinds of computer peripherals, supplies, books, hardware, software, and the latest computer games!
    The computer stores here have to compete with one another in the variety and quality of the products, as well as in after-sales service. Almost every store here provides on-site computer repair services; they also answer computer users' questions. On weekends and holidays, many stores will have PC-game contests or new software presentations to attract customers, and the road will bustle with computer shoppers.

    * Seat

      can be reached by walking left from Kaohsiung Train Station  

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